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we have around 78,759 grapevines planted on our 20 hectares of vineyards, making us a family-run winery. that is exactly what makes us lucky, because it provides me with ample time, as a winemaker, to become inspired and to give our wines the time they really need to mature, as well as to try out those things that might be interesting and innovative. thus, it is a determined quality, intensity and individuality that i want to achieve in our wines, and that i‘d like to guarantee in the long term – and that you know from us.

we invite you to come and experience the winery for yourself and get to know us and our wines personally. ingrid & i look forward to your visit!


falstaff rotwein guide 2021 weingut markus iro

FALSTAFF´s top rating of our wines

falstaff red wine guide 2021

winner: st. laurent ried herrschaftswald 2018

we are very happy about the top rating of falstaff:

  • falstaff 96  points meisterwerk 2018
  • falstaff 95 pointsst. laurent ried herrschaftswald 2018
  • falstaff 91 pointspinot noir ried hochreit 2018
  • falstaff 91 pointsspecial blend 2019
  • falstaff 91 pointsneusiedlersee dac zweigelt 2019
  • falstaff 91 pointszweigelt ried ungerberg 2018
  • falstaff 90 pointszweigelt selection 2019

grand prix winner and many points

falstaff rotwein guide 2020

special blend & st. laurent top

our special blend 2018 is category winner ‘blend’ of the 40th falstaff red wine grand prix. on top, it was awarded 92 points.

our st. laurent ried herrschaftswald 2017 received 94 points and a 2nd place in the variety’s category.

st. laurent ried herrschaftswald 2017 | 94 points
meisterwerk 2017 | 93 points
zweigelt ried ungerberg 2017 | 92 points
special blend 2018 | 92 points
neusiedlersee dac zweigelt 2018 | 91 points
zweigelt selection 2018 | 90 points



  • st. laurent ried herrschaftswald
  • meisterwerk
  • zweigelt ried ungerberg
  • pinot noir ried hochreit
  • merlot ried gabarinza
  • cabernet franc heideboden
  • special blend
  • neusiedlersee dac zweigelt
  • zweigelt selection
  • st. laurent tradition
  • blaufränkisch tradition
  • rosé think pink

grape varieties




hours of sunshine


grape varieties




hours of sunshine

young. dynamic


  • chardonnay classic
  • weissburgunder classic
  • sauvignon blanc classic
  • grüner veltliner classic
  • welschriesling classic
  • cuvée
  • traminer ried edelgrund

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we spend the majority of our time in the vineyard, in our wine cellar or at tastings and presentations, than next to our keyboards. however, we‘d like to keep you updated every so often, when we have interesting things to report. if you‘d like to know about it, then simply sign up for our newsletter:

markus iro winery. neubaugasse 55, A-7122 gols. phone: +43 (0)2173 – 2139. mail: wein@markusiro.at